Mayweather claims he witnessed Tupac’s death

Heavyweight Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, has claimed he witnessed American rapper, Tupac Shakur’s death, as new footage shows moments before his death, Dailymail reports.

According to Dailymail in a post on Thursday, the now-retired boxer, in a footage said to be from 2014, explains how he stayed across the road from where the rapper was gunned down in September 1996.

Tupac was murdered while riding as a passenger in a BMW in Las Vegas when he was struck by four rounds which claimed his life six days later.

Dailymail reports that in the clip, Mayweather says: ‘The car pulled right here and shot Tupac at this light. The car went that way.

‘I was living right here [gesturing across the intersection] in 1996 when Tupac got killed, I ain’t ever told nobody. Only the closest people with me know.’

The death of Tupac has remained a mystery for many years, and investigations have been ongoing for decades without any resolution.

Footage has also recently been released by The Walter J. Brown Media Archives showing Shakur conversing with a crowd on a sidewalk shortly before he was shot.