May 29: Buhari and Aisha Vacate Presidential Villa

The First Lady, Aisha Buhari, last week, disclosed that she, and her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, have moved into the Glass House, a temporary abode for outgoing leaders, at the Aso Rock villa, Abuja.

In preparation for the swearing in of President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, on May 12, Aisha took incoming First Lady, Oluremi Tinubu, around the Aso Rock villa, noting that she, and Buhari have already vacated the main residence at the villa.

Aisha disclosed this in a video shared on her official Instagram page.

I’m advising that the Glass House should maintain its tradition of being a transition for the outgoing President. As I am talking to you now, I am residing here with my husband. Only two of us here. I think it should remain as a norm of the institution and of the house,” she said.

Aisha’s disclosure harps on the transient nature of power, and offers a glimpse of the preparation of the occupants of the villa to leave before the May 29 swearing-in ceremony.

With Buhari’s imminent exit, it lays the foundation for what to expect and conditions Nigerians for what could become of the incoming Tinubu-led administration, and the fact that a journey would always come to an end.

However, it is assumed that having moved out of the main presidential chambers, Buhari, and Aisha would have the time to reflect on the service they rendered to Nigerians within the last eight years.

Culled from Ripples Nigeria