Marrying Many Wives Has Helped Stabilize Me~Ooni Of Ife

The Ooni of Ife has no regrets marrying 6 wives so those of you running your mouths complaining need to read this article.

‘God has actually done something great to me. It’s called division of labour. The Oloris; I want to thank the almighty for their lives. They’ve been very wonderful. I have them, professionals in different fields. I have PhD holder, doctor, lawyer, accountants, fashionistas, and all the works. I have them. I don’t even know how God did it for me honestly speaking. We are friends, we are brothers and sisters, we are confidants. 

They have actually helped me in designing the throne of Oduduwa. I ran away from it for a long time but all the time it has always been boomeranging. Honestly speaking, I was very stubborn in that aspect. But I realise today that truly the throne is not designed for one woman. I don’t know why it is designed like that. Honestly, it’s not possible. It’s not as if the Ooni is a womanizer. 

A lot of people don’t know I tried to be a bachelor on the throne but failed. I tried to have one wife and Olori on the throne but failed. But I later realised that I can’t do it alone and now I’m just getting the serenity on the throne.

I want to urge you all to assist me in thanking them. They are all professionals in their chosen fields of endeavour. Some even said they bankroll me and I said let them keep bringing the money. We have lots of people to cater for in the kingdom. So I want you to appreciate them on my behalf by giving them a resounding applause.”

Ooni of Ife

By Onuigbo Felicia