Maria BBNAIJA: Exposed or Innocent? Maria’s Battle Over Infidelity Claims, as she denies allegations

Former BBNaija housemate, Maria Chike Benjamin, is embroiled in a scandal as she denies allegations of breaking up her partner’s home despite incriminating evidence from the Cubana Chief Priest. In an explosive sit-down with Chude, Maria defended herself amidst widespread skepticism among Nigerians.

Social media is buzzing as people question her decision to continue the relationship after learning that her partner was married with children. Maria’s claims have been met with disbelief, as many Nigerians express their shock and disapproval in the comments section on Chude’s social media platform.

Aside from the controversy surrounding her alleged affair, Maria and Chude discussed her new show, Healing with Maria, personal struggles, and evolving views on marriage. However, the focus remains on the allegations and the seemingly contradictory evidence.

Will Maria be vindicated or exposed as more details come to light? Only time will tell.