‘Kate to have you back’ as princess returns, UK Telegraph Knocked For Article Praising Princess Kate’s Public Appearance 

The Telegraph’s article by Allison Pearson, commending Princess Kate Middleton for her public appearance during cancer treatment, has drawn intense backlash and condemnation.

Princess Kate had made the appearance to celebrate the birthday of the king who is also treating cancer.

The article titled, ‘Our Fair Lady: Princess of Wales’s selfless display was the tonic that Britain needed,’ noted that Princess Kate appeared in public “when lesser mortals would have stayed home”.

Pearson wrote, “Two words: Thank you. Thank you Princess of Wales for being an absolute trouper and attending Trooping the Colour on a cold, grey day when lesser mortals with your illness would have stayed home, tucked up in their jim-jams.

Thank you for sacrificing the privacy that is so much needed to get you back to full health. Thank you for such a show of support for the King, who is not a well man, on his official birthday, and for giving a boost to the wider Royal family – which has sorely lacked star power since you withdrew from public life in January to have major surgery.”

Irked by this statement, a British Nigerian activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbaminu said on X (formerly Twitter), “’Lesser Mortals?’ – I would take thousands of Brits who don’t have the luxury not to show up to work but do in spite of their cancer & those who stay home because of it over & above Catherine, Princess of Wales anytime any day.”

Tweeting further via her official handle on X handle, political & women’s rights activist said, “Thousands of British cancer patients suffer long NHS waiting lists, health discrimination, die without treatment, have zero financial/moral/ social support – but Kate Middleton shows up one day epitomising every advantage systemically denied others with cancer & is the ‘tonic Britain needed’?”

“Disrespectfully, piss off. The only lesser mortals here are Allison Pearson & the editor who approved this offensive diatribe to be published.”

Culled from Yahoo Mail