Just In: Oyindamola, A Nigerian Woman Trafficked To Ghana For S*x Slavery, Cries Out For Help From Captivity

Oyindamola Ola, a 24-year-old Nigerian woman, has been reportedly trafficked to Ghana by an unknown Nigerian woman and is currently being held hostage for prostitution. It was gathered that Ola went missing over two weeks ago after she was trafficked to Ghana with her friend for prostitution by a Nigerian woman who promised to give them well-paying jobs A source said that Ola, who is currently being held hostage by her buyers, has now cried to be rescued from her captors.

She was reportedly able to put out a distress call via someone’s phone from Ghana as her phone had been seized. In the account shared by PIDOM Nigeria, she explained that a woman took her and her friend to Ghana after promising them a good job offer but on getting to Ghana, things changed as the woman kept her somewhere with someone and left with her friend.  She waited for the woman and her friend but they did not come back and after a day, she was informed that she had been sold for prostitution.

Ola said she resisted, insisting that she could not do prostitution, and told the people holding her hostage that the woman who brought them to Ghana promised them a decent job, which was why they followed her.

However, despite her resistance and explanations, the people insisted that she must do prostitution or pay them the sum of N500,000 before they could let her go, but Ola told them she did not have such an amount of money, and they made it clear to her that they would never let her go without paying them back the N500,000. Ola lamented that they held her hostage, seized her phone and took her to a shrine for voodoo, where they cut a part of her hair and forced her to take an oath that she would become mad if she left for Nigeria without paying the N500,000 they paid to the woman who trafficked her and her friend.

She lamented that she wanted to return to Nigeria but she was being held in Ghana against her wish, adding that she did not know exactly where she was, nor did she know the whereabouts of her friend.