Media Lead

The Cool House Published: May 1, 2023
London, United Kingdom
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Job Title: Media Lead

Job Description:

The Cool House is seeking a skilled and dynamic Media Lead to manage and monetize our various media channels including our blog, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. The successful candidate will be responsible for creating, managing, optimizing, and monetizing content across all media channels in line with our mission and core values. They will work closely with the community directors and other team members to ensure that our content is engaging, empowering, impactful, and revenue-generating.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop and implement a comprehensive media strategy that aligns with our vision, mission, and core values.

Manage and oversee all media channels including our blog, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.

Create engaging, empowering, and impactful content for each media channel.

Identify and implement effective strategies for revenue generation, including advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, subscription services, product sales, donations, and paid events.

Develop partnerships with relevant businesses for advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing opportunities.

Develop and manage a subscription or membership program, if applicable.

Oversee the development and sale of products or services, if applicable.

Seek out and secure opportunities for paid events and webinars.

Work closely with the finance team to track revenue, set financial goals, and ensure the financial sustainability of our media channels.

Monitor, track, and analyze key metrics for each media channel to measure the effectiveness of our content and identify areas for improvement.

Engage with our community across all media channels, responding to comments, answering questions, and fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in digital media and incorporate them into our media strategy.


Bachelor's degree in Media, Communications, Marketing, or a related field.

Proven experience in managing and monetizing multiple media channels, including blogs, Twitter, and Instagram.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Strong understanding of social media metrics and ability to interpret and act on data.

Experience in revenue generation strategies such as advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, subscription services, product sales, and event hosting.

Ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a diverse team.

Demonstrated commitment to our core values of Love, Integrity, Visionary, Empathy, and Sacrifice.

Passion for making lives beautiful and making a real difference in the world.

Preferred Skills:

Experience in a digital community or a similar organization.

Graphic design and video editing skills.

Familiarity with content management systems and social media management tools.

This role presents a unique opportunity to join a dynamic and ambitious digital community and to contribute to our vision of impacting 250 million lives by 2050. If you are passionate about making a difference, have the skills and experience to excel in this role, and are excited about the opportunity to drive revenue generation while maintaining the integrity of our content and community, we would love to hear from you.