‘It’s against democracy, Nigerien people’, Macron condemns Niger’s coup

France President, Emmanuel Macron has condemned the military coup staged in Niger to oust President Mohamed Bazoum, saying it is against the country, the people, and anti-terrorism operations.

Macron made this known to the French weekly Le Point, on Wednesday, adding that France’s operations and engagement ascertained the survival of some African countries, according to Anadolu Agency.

“If we get an overview, France was right to enroll with the African countries to fight against terrorism. It is its (France’s) honor and responsibility,” Macron said

Macron also linked the French intervention in the area to some countries’ survival.

“If we were not engaged, via the operations Serval and Barkhane, there would be, undoubtedly, no more Mali, no more Burkina Faso, I am not even sure that there would still be Niger,” he said.

The president further said that those operations, conducted upon African states’ request, were a success.

“The French policy, that I convey since 2017, is to get out of the security mentality,” he said. “I believe in a partnership policy where France defends its interests, and supports Africa in its success. It is a real partnership, not a security condominium.”

Speaking on the Niger crisis, which started on July 26, after General Abdourahamane Tchiani-led coupists deposed Bazoum, the French president said the junta must “reinstate the constitutional order.”

“This is a coup against democracy in Niger, Nigerien people, and counterterrorism,” Macron added.

ECOWAS last week demanded that the military restore constitutional order in Niger “in order to concentrate on the security of the country, which has become increasingly fragile” since Bazoum was ousted.

On Tuesday, the African Union said it has suspended Niger from all its activities until the army cedes power.