I’m Struggling — Nigerian CEO Cries Out, Says Outrageous Cost Of Everything Is Affecting Business Owners

A Nigerian business owner, Banke Meshida Lawal has taken to social media to cry out about the impact of fuel subsidy on businesses in the country.

Speaking about the current situation in the country and how much she has been struggling since the subsidy removal, Banke stated that the astronomical cost of everything is negatively affecting businesses including that of hers.

She wrote on her Instagram saying, “Everything has increased, Transport from Yaba that used to be N500 as of this is N1800. Filling our tank with petrol has gone from N12,000 to N37,000.

“As Employers, what are supposed to do immediately? Because for once in my face, i am struggling. Diesel prices have threatened to increase. Nepa has threatened to increase.

“When it comes, units are swiped in days. The clear thing is to do is to increase salaries right? Where does the excess come from? Do we increase prices? Do we shut down, everybody should stay in their homes?”