If you die today, your next of kin does not have access to your money” – Man exposes Nigerian banks

One Nigerian man identified as Ustaz has taken to social media to provide insight on the deceitful practices of several Nigerian banks concerning the inheritance of cash from deceased bank account holders and the role of next of kin.

According to his revelations, the commonly held idea among Nigerians that the money in the deceased’s accounts immediately passes to the next of kin is false and deceptive.

Instead, he revealed specific Nigerian banks’ questionable activities, asking customers to be prudent and take proactive actions to safeguard their wealth for their loved ones.

Ustaz explained that when a bank account holder passes away, Nigerian banks do not simply hand over the money to the next of kin without proper verification.

He also valuable advice on how to outsmart the banks and ensure that their hard-earned money is rightfully inherited by their loved ones.