EXCLUSIVE: Full Gist, Why Ex BBN Stars, Beauty And Kim Are No longer Friends

Beauty and Kim were close cuz their big gods [Pinnik and EMEFIELE] are friends.

But something happened. As mentioned before, Kim was Pinnik’s gf but she messed up a bit and it caused strains between them so even though they are still sexually attracted , she has been relegated from main side chic position since that time because these men don’t fcuk up with their codes.

What happened was Kim travelled to Qatar with Pinnik. Prior to that, Julie [Pinnik’s wife] had questioned him about Kim and he denied. So he warned Kim very well to be careful. But unfortunately on that particular Qatar trip, village people enter 😩😩😩. Kim posted pictures which made Julie confirmed Kim was in Qatar with her husband. It caused serious f!ght between Pinnik and his wife Julie. Pinnik blamed Kim for it as she broke the code. Kim later found out that even Beauty join blame which gave Pinnik more reasons to even be angry cuz E come be like sey, Beauty is very smart and he Pinnik deserves someone like that. So he Pinnik even asked Beauty to help find him one beautiful smart girl cuz his relationship with Kim has casted and since his wife is now fully aware with evidence, it will be difficult for him and Kim to be serious as his wife is good at setting spies especially now that she has full evidence. Beauty being a small girl, started talking to few girls and Kim got to know. Kim was hurt and disappointed

Now Kim’s relationship with Pinnik is not so solid as before so she is no longer flowing in cash as much as before. Its not like she is broke broke but cash flow has gone drastically down. Maybe another big god ok Pinnik’s level might show up again. Who knows?

More gist coming up later…

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