Dr.Dre ordered to pay $500,000 to estranged wife Nicole Young’s divorce lawyers

Hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre was ordered Tuesday to pay half a million dollars to his estranged wife Nicole’s divorce lawyers – but that’s only 10 per cent of the whopping $5million she was demanding.

Nicole Young, 51, had asked Los Angeles Judge Michael Powell to force her wealthy, soon-to-be-ex husband to pay her $2 million per month in spousal support, plus $5 million for her attorney fees.

But at a hearing on Tuesday, LA Superior Court Judge Powell ordered 56 year-old Dre to pay her lawyers just $500,000 within 10 days. The judge tabled the support issue till another hearing on July 8.

Dr. Dre – real name Andre Young – is reportedly worth close to $1 billion and his split with Nicole has been growing more and more hostile since she filed for divorce last June.

The 56-year-old star, who was recently declared legally single agreed to continue paying for Nicole’s monthly expenses and will also continue to pay the mortgage on the Malibu home the 51-year-old lives in. However, the producer has insisted he won’t pay for her security costs.

Dre had been paying Nicole $293,000 a month in support. But she is asking the court to order him to pay her almost $2 million a month, plus the $5 million in fees to her attorneys.

Nicole and Dre have two children together, Truice and Truly, while Dre has six children by five different women

Dr.Dre ordered to pay $500,000 to estranged wife Nicole Young