‘Christian’ who stabbed children on playground turns out to be a Muslim named Selwan Majd

Six nursery children stabbed at random while playing in park.

The Annecy terrorist is a Syrian Muslim named Selwan Majd…,” translated from “Le terroriste d’Annecy serait un Syrien musulman nommé Selwan Majd…,”

From the beginning we said that it cannot be a Christian… and that it has the signs of being done by a Muslim…

The assailant is said to be a Syrian refugee named Selwan Majd…

He claimed his name was Abd El-Messih Hanoun, but his real name is “Selwan Majd,” a refugee from Al-Hasakah in northern Syria.

He had traveled to Turkey with false papers where he met a Swedish tourist and made her believe he was a Muslim convert to Christianity.

He married her in Sweden under the false Christian name, but the Swedish authorities doubted him and refused to grant him citizenship, later his wife separated from him.

In France, he went to seek help in a church but the church also doubted him.

He committed his crime by wearing a cross, claiming he was a Christian in order to hide his terrorist nature.

Unfortunately, the European authorities have acquired a lot of false information recorded either by the refugees themselves or by the Turkish authorities.

Thousands of people infiltrated European countries and became sleeper cells.

Culled from jihadwatch.com