Caramel Plug Fights Dirty With Manny In Public, Read Back Story…

The rumor that there’s domestic violence between Caramel plug and her boyfriend, Manny has come out to be true. This video of her and her boyfriend arguing and fighting outside a club after the boyfriend brought another girl to the club unknowingly to him that Caremel was present in the club too

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Caramel Plugg Had Fought With Boyfriend’s Side-Chic After Finding Out he Sent Money to Her

According to the story shared by ManLikeIcey on Twitter, Caramel who’s wasa vacation with her man heard about her boyfriend’s monetary gift to his side chick and got furious.

Caramel took to her Snapchat account to hurl insults at the girl, claiming that she had body odour and was also fond of begging her man for money.

A part of her post read:

“Mumu dey smell. Heard you have body odour on top? This is the worst. Abeg just go and continue the rubbish you’re doing.

“Also heard you were coming for my Versace bag the other day. Chai. With your Okrika market bags. Shey you were begging for money to buy wig. Or I should talk? Make you roll for ground? Audacity must be on sale.

“See just keep stalking like norms. I know I entertain you. Bye bye o. Case closed I’ve caught enough cruise today. Back to normal routine.”

In his caption, ManLikeIcey said on Twitter:

“One popular podcast babe that misyarned and got dragged recently is currently on vacation with her man, this guy is an assistant to one of the big 3 Afrobeats artiste, the guy sent money to another babe hence the reason she was wailing on Snapchat yesterday.

“The babe he sent money too is so hottttt, she has a child but you’ll not believe if you see her , e reach make she complain o, make dem no go carry her bobo.”

Caramel Plugg Sued Sandra , Her Boyfriend’s Side Chick, Seeks N35 Million Compensation

In a statement released by Caramel Plugg’s team, they addressed the allegations circulating on social media, which were initially propagated by certain bloggers and influencers, including Tosin Silverdam Media, Oosha Gee, Shalom Godswill, Dera.Posh, Cutie_jullss, and Big Ayo, also known as 47Kasz.

The statement clarifies that Caramel Plugg, whose real name is Ogechi, has built a reputable online presence over the years.

However, she has become a target of false accusations, with the latest being the claim that she is in an abusive relationship with her partner.

Caramel Plugg’s team strongly refutes these claims, stating that she has been in a stable and loving relationship with her partner for almost two years.

The podcaster is demanding an immediate retraction of the malicious allegations.

Caramel Plug and Shalom, have been engaged in a dispute over Manny, who is allegedly involved with both of them.

The two women have been exposing secrets, allegations, and subliminal messages in their social media posts.