Birthday Girl Got The Ring! Sandra & Mustapha’s Beautiful Surprise #BNBling

A well thought out surprise is always so sweet especially when it comes from the ones we love the most. Now, picture that surprise coming on a day as special as your birthday. Call that a double treat!

That double treat is exactly what Sandra got from the love of her life Mustapha. Sandra was all dressed up to celebrate her birthday with her man. Of course, it was her birthday, so extra treats wouldn’t raise her eyebrow. But then the surprise came as she stepped into the beautifully set up space, with her friends and family there to cheer, and those lovely words written in bold: “Will you marry me?” Of course, she said yes! We can’t get over the thoughtfulness on Mustapha’s end. It’s always so beautiful to see people go all out for the ones they love. Sandra’s luxury proposal was simply breathtaking.

We’re definitely gushing over all the photos from the beautiful moment. Check out all the photos from the surprise proposal below and join us on the Aww team!


Bride-to-be: @s4sandie
Planner: @luxuryproposals
Photographer: @shutterwavephotography
Decor: @proposalbells
Special effects: @lastideafx