BBNaija AllSTARS: The Crash Between Ceec, Ilebaye, and Doyin; Ilebaye may be issued a strike 🪧

The crash of Doyin and Ilebaye’s friendship

As the party ended, Ilebaye burst into tears over her sudden fallout with her in-house confidant, Doyin. Ilebaye expressed how sad she felt about the situation to Pere, who consoled Ilebaye as she vented; Ilebaye said she cared about Doyin and seemed unsure why they were at loggerheads.

Ceec, Doyin, Mercy Eke, and Princess discuss Ilebaye

While Ilebaye chatted with Pere, she was the topic of discussion in a conversation Doyin was having with Ceec, Mercy Eke, and Princess. Doyin had told Ilebaye she was having a fallout with an unnamed housemate; Ilebaye said she didn’t want to get involved, which hurt Doyin because she got involved in most of Ilebaye’s feuds.

Ceec, Mercy and Princess believe Ilebaye’s behaviour is a strategy, and they are glad Doyin can finally see her true colors. Doyin felt emotional about watching her cry, but the trio gave her a pep talk; Mercy Eke let her know she was ” a nice friend.”

Ilebaye interrupts

Noticing the discussion with Doyin, Ilebaye accuses them of trying to ruin her friendship. Ceec, in turn, let her know all they were discussing and the fact that she was at fault. Their heated exchange led to Ilebaye pulling Ceec’s face and almost getting into a physical altercation. It took Angel, Alex, and Seyi’s interruption to help the duo calm down. Ilebaye also exchanged words with Princess, who teased her, and Doyin, who she grabbed by the neck when Biggie summoned her.

In a video of one of the tension-packed moments, Ilebaye pulled Cee-C’s hair during a heated verbal exchange between the duo.

Angry and yelling at the top of her voice over Ilebaye’s attack, Cee-C on the other side said, “Big Brother will be partial if he doesn’t issue you (Ilebaye) a strike”

In a related development, Ilebaye when summoned by Biggie over her actions was accosted by Doyin who wanted to caution her – again, she (Ilebaye) lost her temper and pushed Doyin aside.

Earlier, female housemates, Princess, Angel, Mercy, Cee-C were seen talking with Doyin about Ilebaye’s ‘ill-attitude’, accusing her of putting up overboard strategies in the bid to win the game.

In the course of the discussion, Doyin who used to be Ilebaye’s bestie admitted that she’s also shocked about the many twists in Ilebaye’s moves.