A 2-Year Old Boy Arrested For Life In North Korea

A toddler is said to have been sentenced to life imprisonment in a North Korean prison camp after his parents were discovered with a Bible in a home, Daily Mail is reporting.

The unnamed two-year-old child has been sentenced to life in a prison camp, with their entire family also jailed.

The was revealed by the US State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report. It claimed the two-year-old and his entire family were lock£d up for their religious beliefs.

The report revealed that it wasn’t the first time religious citizens were p£rsecuted for their faith in the country. Several other cases of North Koreans being killed for being Christian were also included in the report, including the firing squad execution of a woman and her grandchild in 2011. In another case, a member of the ruling party was executed ted in front of an audience of 3,000 at Hyesan airfield after they were found in possession of a Bible.

Other believers faced “pigeon torture where they were suspended with their hands ti£d behind their backs, unable to sit or stand for days on end. One victim, according to the report said: “It was the most painful of all tortures . It was so painful I felt it was better to di£.”

The report claimed this was because Christians are perceived as a “hostile class” and a “serious threat to loyalty to the state”.

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