Cruise People Limited engaged the management of Black Sherrif for the artist to perform at the second edition of its musical cruise onboard a cruise ship dubbed Afro Cruise Jam, on August 19, 2023 in Greece. The first edition, which was held last year, featured Grammy awards winner – Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage fame and Abrantie Amakye Dede and his Apollo High-Kings.

Cruise People Ltd was charged $40K. and was further agreed between Cruise People Ltd., the artiste and his booking agents performance on the ship on the dates agreed upon and went further to notify him that they had arranged a media engagement with Multimedia Group for which the said video clip announcing his performance and availability for the event on the cruise ship will be broadcasted to elicit enhanced marketability of the event. He unequivocally represented to us that the video clip will be ready even before the broadcast date duly communicated to him and hence they went ahead and paid for the media broadcast.

Given the firm assurances from him and his outfit that the video clip will be ready and available for the media broadcast, they went ahead to make deposits and secured cabins on the cruise ship and other incidental arrangements in anticipation of enhanced interests and patronage of purchase of cruise tickets that the media broadcast shall generate.
He failed to make the video clip available to Cruise People Ltd. to be broadcasted on the 19th May, 2023 @3pm, the time scheduled. The media encounter with multimedia group was held without the input of the video clip from him announcing his performance at the event contrary to earlier agreement between them .

As a result of his failure to confirm his participation, the cabins on the cruise ship which were paid for and reserved at a discounted price had to be cancelled and deposits lost since the expected interests and patronage 

The company’s lawyers wrote and informed him, his management and booking agents on May 23, 2023 about the breach of agreement and till date, they didn’t reply. 

At this point, they had no option than to report his actions to the police and proceed to court

✍️ Cutie Juls